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The block statement is used to indicate a group of statements are going to be placed in a particular section of code. The block statment is required to declare the contents of a routine, an event, a before or after section in an object or class, the definition of an object or a class, and where normally only one single statment is allowed, the block statement represents the equivalent of one statement.

A block statement begins with the open brace {, contains the particular items desired, and ends with a close brace }.

List of programming commands (items in parenthesis explain related terms)
(block statement), break, call, case, cls, color, colour, do, else, elseif, for, if, input, jump, (label) move, pause, playback, print, printchar, quit, random, readfile, readval, recordoff, recordon, remove, restart, restore, return, routine, run, runevents, save, scriptoff, scripton, select, sound, system, window, writefile, writeval
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