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Library Suggestions

This is a page for us to add suggestions on what kind of things we'd like to see in the Hugo Standard Library (should Mr. Tessman ever decide to revisit it, or if one of us decides to do a rewrite and unleash it upon the world).

New Properties

New/improved property ideas go here (remember that name, before, after, noun, adjective and article are hard-coded into the compiler)

New Attributes

The standard attributes are okay, but sometimes you may want to do something different in a game. Here are a few suggestions you might use for attributes that aren't in the predefined list, but are useful for things in your game. And included are ideas on what a particular attribute might be used for. Some of these are duplicates of others, but the idea is to help you find the right name for an attribute, so that, for example, you have silent or noisy depending on which way you wanted to emphasize the situation. Some of these you could modify by putting UN or NOT in front. Some of these might be combined, so you have Cold_Money to indicate some that was hidden in a freezer, Wet_Paint, Incoming_Teleport/Outgoing_Teleport, etc.

New Functions


Ok, so I added this page while at work, and couldn't really go through all the library files to come up with more section headers, but other stuff goes here.

Just got home and printed out the files of the Standard Hugo Library (184 pages) so it's gonna take a while to go through them.

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