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Hugo by Example

Welcome to Hugo by Example. This site is intended to be a useful resource for those wanting to learn to use Hugo to develop Interactive Fiction games. As I myself am still learning to write IF games, it's going to grow slowly as I learn the ins-and-outs of creating games, but I hope that it will be a useful resource for other folks who want to use this rather under-represented IF development system.

Hugo is a very well designed system for creating games. It can create quite large games, and it also makes it very easy to add multimedia effects to the game (Pictures, videos and music)

Some popular games that were created in Hugo include:

Some examples of specific markup and styles for this wiki can be found on the HugoWikiMarkup page.



Text formats used on this wiki:

  • Mono-spaced text is used to show Hugo code that is used in your source code
  • Italic mono-spaced text is used to show something the player would type
  • Text between angle brackets "< >" stand in for required information
    (ie global <variable name> shows code that defines a global variable, where <variable name> is required, but you can use whatever text (within Hugo naming limits)
  • Text between square brackets "[ ]" is optional

Color-coded text in a gray box shows sample Hugo source code

routine DoSomething
   ! some sample code to do something
   print "Kent Tessman is one cool dude!"

Text in a box with a blueish background is sample output from the game (in this case, some of the opening text from the ScavHunt demo)

Here you are, visiting your best friend in his new house in Cheapsville. His nice, new, empty, tediously boring house in a charmingly boring suburban town.
Your friend, who always liked games of all kind and doesn't say no to the occasional bet, has decided to set up a challenge for you...
A scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt
A Small Visit in Cheapsville
Version 0.7

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